Major projects

Major projects

  • "Content DB construction & Provision"

    • Nov. 2005 Published “Incheon local material content book (history)”.
    • The library builds a content DB of new collection from 2006 and posted the information on the homepage.
  • "Operation of Daily local class"

    • Target Elementary , middle, high school students within the jurisdiction of Incheon.
    • Period March~June, September~Dec.
    • Details link education on how to use materials and school curriculums to offer education on local history utilizing library resources. Find out the history of my hometown, Incheon, focusing on the daily life and architecture of Incheon during the port-opening period.
  • "Daily local class on visit"

    • Target elementary, middle, high school students located on far islands (education according to application)
    • Period March~June, September~ Dec.
  • "Local history Trip"

    • Target students and residents
    • Date May, July~August, September
    • Details Field trip to experience our home town’s culture and history
  • "Lecture on Incheon Study"

    • Operation objectives As an existing expert group of Incheon’s local history, they expand their scope of activities from local history study group to offer lectures on Incheon study for interested groups on regional studies and residents with a view to contribute to the formation of local culture based on correct awareness of local history and culture.
    • Target researchers and study groups of Incheon’s local history, Incheon study, history study group members, culture explanation guide, residents.
    • Lecture details hold lectures on local history and culture of Incheonn
  • "Local history photo exhibition"

    • Oct. 23~28, 2003
      “Incheon Port-opening photo exhibition"
    • Oct. 18~31, 2004
      “Incheon’s yesterday and today”
    • Sep. 23~29, 2005
      “Transformation of Incheon exhibition”
    • Oct. 25~29. 2006
      “A half-century of Incheon Education through the lens”
    • Nov. 14, 2007
      Opened “Incheon port-opening material exhibition hall”
    • May 23~Jun. 11, 2008
      National Drama Festival“ Transformation of Incheon since the port-opening”
    • Mar. 20~31, 2009
      Incheon International Airport Express “Incheon port-opening photo exhibition”