Local/Port-opening culture exhibition hall Information


Incheon is the gateway through which the western cultures and civilization began to enter Korea with the opening of the port.

It is a city that did a lot of first things in Korea, and consequently is of political, economic, historical, and cultural significance and research value.

Incheon Hwadojin Public Library borders an area where architectural styles of China, Japan, Russia, etc. and their traces are left and is close to Hwadojin Park, the renovated stronghold where Joseon-US Amity Treaty was sealed, hereby playing a pivotal role in 'Correctly understanding local history'.

Thus, it is a specialized library designated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to collect, preserve a range of region-related literature, modern photo materials and open a material room for local residents or regional history researchers to correctly understand and study the local history and to foster a love for the region based on the materials in the library, serving as the platform of local history study.

It also unearthed dispersed port-opening related materials among local materials on Incheon that extensively record, arrange, and preserve precious recorded culture materials (books, images, picture books, photos, etc.) related to the port opening.