History of Incheon

Evolution of the place name of Incheon

  • Maesohol-hyeon
    The name of our hometown, Incheon, first appeared in 1413, the 13th year of the reign of the King Taejong of Joseon. However, the first name of our hometown is 'Michuhol' of the Proto-Three Kingdoms period (early Beakje). After that, during the three kingdoms period, Goguryeo placed “Mesohol-hyeon” here and Samguksagi (History of Three Kingdoms) recorded “Mesohol-hyeon”as “Michuhol.”
  • Michuhol
    Michuhol was originally the seat of government of Biryu Kingdom. According to Samguksagi, the brothers Biryu and Onjo went southward to Goguryeo. Onjo settled on Wiraesong to found a country while Biryu built a country in Michuhol.
  • Inju
    According to Goryeosa Jiriji (Geographic record of Goryeo Dynasty), it is recorded that Inju was originally the Mesohol-hyeon of Goguryeo and also called Michuhol. The record was maintained as it was in the other historic document such as Sejongsilrok Jiriji (Geographic record during the reign of King Sejong). However, during the reign of King Gyeongduk of Silla, as all place names were translated into Chinese characters, Mesohol-hyeon was replaced as Soseong-hyeon. During the Goyeo Dynasty, it was called Gyeongwon-gun, in other words, the place that is the source of all auspicious things. After that, it has undergone several changes such as Inju and Gyeongwon-bu.
  • Incheon
    As with the founding of Joseon Dynasty, Gyeongwon-bu was returned to Inju in 1392, the first year under the reign of King Taejo as there was no connection with Incheon such as the family name Inju Lee. After that, it was modified to Incheon-gun in 1413, the 13th year under the reign of King Taejong, finally adopting the current name.
Period Incheon Bupyeong Ganghwa
Three Kingdoms Beakje Michuhol - Gapbigocha
Goguryeo Maechuhol Jubuto Hyeolgu-gun
Unified Silla (676~935) Soseong-hyeon Jangje-gun Haegu-gun
Goryeo (918~1392)
  • Gyeongwon-gun
  • Inju
  • Gyeongwon-bu
  • Suju
  • Annam -dohobu
  • Gyeyang- dohobu
  • Gilju
  • Bupyeong
  • Ganghwa-yeon
  • Ganghwa-gun
Joseon (1392~1910)
  • Inju
  • Incheon-gun
  • Incheon-dohobu
  • Bupyeong-gun
  • Bupyeong-dohobu
  • Ganghwa-do hobu
  • Gang-do
  • Ganghwa-gun
Modern (1895~1945) Incheon-bu
  • Bupyeong-gun
  • Integrated into Bucheon-gun
  • Ganghwa-gun
  • Ganghwa-bu
Today (1945~present)
  • Incheon-si
  • Incheon Jilhalsi
  • Incheon metropolitan city
Incorporated to Incheon city